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This is the most ambitious scheme of state government which purpose was to provide essential services to protect children, especially orphan and destitute children to provide better opportunities to improve their creativity and productive potentials with encouragement to become sensitized while providing proper care, nutrition, health, quality education and social security to children suffering from either chronic diseases like HIV (+)/AIDS/Leprosy or children of HIV(+) / AIDS affected father/mother or children to provide social security through grants .
Integrated CCTV Footage Recording System has been established at the state level to ensure the best interest of children in all child care institutions. Under this, CCTV cameras have been installed in all child care institutes operating in the state. Whose Recording / Feed has a provision for safekeeping at the state level.

(1) Orphans and destitute children or orphans who are living with their immediate relative or relative, whose annual income is less than Rs 60,000 or under the poverty line.
(2) Children suffering from leprosy and cancer of HIV (+) / AIDS or Visible Deformities Grade-II or children of parents suffering from these diseases.
(3) In addition, by amending the eligibility of the scheme, such children will also be considered as orphans and destitute children whose mother and father have either died or due to mental disability or imprisonment or by any other judicial order. They have been unable to bring up, but their eligibility will also be automatically terminated after such binding condition ends.

Under this scheme, transfer of Rs 1000 / - is made through DBT for children aged 0-18 years in a joint account opened with the guardian of the children.

(i) Name in the list of BPL. If name is not in a BPL list then there should be Income certificate issued by competent Authority.
(ii) Death Certificate issued by the competent authority of the mother and father in the situation of the orphaned child.
(iii) Birth Certificate of Beneficiaries. (If the child is already enrolled in the school, then the certificate issued by the principal of the concerned school will be valid.
(iv) In case of parents suffering from leprosy, a certificate of grade-II issued by the competent authority will be valid.
(v) In case of HIV (+) / AIDS afflicted children and HIV (+) / AIDS afflicted parents, A.A. R. T. Record Card will be valid.
(vi) If already there is a joint account holder in the bank, then the copy of the bank passbook.
(vii) Photocopy of the order / certificate issued by the competent authority (Child Welfare Committee) in the situation of the orphan and the destitute child.

Under the Parwarish scheme, applications can be submitted in the prescribed form from any of the offices of Assistant Director, District Child Protection Unit, Office of Integrated Child Development Project, Anganwadi centers as per your convenience. Anganwadi servant, within 15 days the child development project officer will submit the child development project officer within one week to the subdivision officer with his / her intention.

Under the Parvarish Scheme, applicant can submit their applications as per their convenience in the prescribed form to the Office of the District Child Protection Unit, Office of the Integrated Child Development Projector Anganwadi centers .The Anganwadi Sevika will check and submit it to the Child Development Project office along with her intention within 15 days of the receipt of the application. The Child Development Project Officer will forward the application form within a week to the Sub-Divisional Officer for approval, who will send it to the Assistant Director, District Child Protection Unit along with his approval order.

The distribution of funds will be done by the district office according to the parent-child account method, directly from its child account to the beneficiary s bank account and as per the need, such bank account can also be opened in any nationalized bank or any notified commercial bank.


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