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Honorary Supreme Court, New Delhi in the Judgment passed on 15/04/2014 in the suit No. 400/2012, National Legal Services Authority v. Government of India and others, recognizing the legal status of the girls as third gender, recognition of their identity as legal. Directives for enrollment in educational institutions and reservation in government appointments, setting up HIV Sero-surveillance centers, special medical arrangements in hospitals and construction of separate toilets in public places, social welfare schemes, etc. have been directed. In the light of the aforesaid judgment of the Honorable Supreme Court, the Bihar State Kinnar Welfare Board constitution Nimayawali, 2015 has been notified by the Government.
According to the provision of the said rules, there is a provision of nomination of 21 government members and non-government members of maximum 9 kin community in the board.
According to the constitution rules of the Bihar State Kinner Welfare Board, the following tasks are to be done by the board: -
o Exchange of information between State Headquarters and regions.
o 2 Monitoring of schemes made by various departments for the benefit of the kin and work related to their implementation.
o Establish coordination with various departments for effective and co-ordination policy and its implementation so that there is no recurrence in various schemes.
o To assess the social and educational status of the kiners and to ensure the formulation and implementation of integrated schemes to overcome their backwardness and to provide adequate funds from the State Government for the implementation of these schemes.
o To ensure the formulation and implementation of schemes for economic development and financial inclusion of the kinners.
o Ensuring the availability of identity cards to all the edges of the state.
o Suggesting for the kin to be recognized for political participation, law and citizenship rights.
o Granting financial approval to various income generating programs.
o Initiative to include the kin in the mainstream of society through social awareness.


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