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A total of 101 Buniyad centers are planned to be set up at various stages to expand the level of social security related services and strengthen the service delivery system. Out of these 101 centers, 38 centers will be located at district level and 63 at subdivision level. These centers will provide such a social level to the Divyangjan people through which their social status can be strengthened; they can be included in the mainstream of the society. These centers are planned to be developed as a ground through which innovative experiments will be carried out for the welfare of the target groups.
The Buniyaad Sanjeevani Seva (Mobile Outreach Therapy Van) has been distributed at the district and subdivision levels with the aim of increasing accessibility on the basis of ease and greater reach, although it can also be considered that among the target groups of the project. There will be many beneficiaries who will be unable to reach the nearest foundation centers due to physical disability and distance . Mobile outreach and therapy vans (MTVs) will be used to serve such beneficiaries. Through this, the services of the foundation will also be extended to remote / inaccessible areas, the disabled and the isolated communities from the mainstream.
Technical staff for all Buniyad Centres like case managers, preferred physiotherapists, physiotherapists, audiologists-cum-speech and lagged therapy therapists, counselors / clinical psychologists, mobility instructors, technician-speech and hearing, technician-prosthetic and orthotic, technician- Ophthalmology, Helper-cum-Kitchen, Driver, Mercury Medico has been posted. Any Divyang or Old Age person can avail these services at the nearest Buniyad Kendra.Till now about 1.5 lakh beneficiaries have been served through all the Buniyad centres.

Under this scheme all Divyangjans of the state are eligible for the benefit of all the services available in the Buniyad Kendra. They can avail all services through a Buniyad center or Mobile Outreach and Therapy Van (MTV).

(1) Physiotherapy services are provided to all the beneficiaries through which various types of physical pain are diagnosed and looked after.
(2) Speech and hearing check, eye check, Checking of impaired hearing of newborns.
(3) Artificial limb accessories guidance.
(4) Provision of temporary night rest.
(5) Therapy and counseling support services are provided to the elderly, widows and PwDs living in remote areas with the help of mobile units at the community level. Awareness is generated about those schemes at the community level for universalization of the social security schemes being operated in the state. To educate the community members about the rights and rights of the elderly, widows and the disabled.
(6) Buniyad Sanjeevani Seva Mobile Therapy Van: The Buniyaad Sanjeevani Seva (Mobile Therapy Van) is being operated in all the 38 districts of the state by preparing a monthly action plan, through which , with the cooperation of the Department of Health and a total of 60,000 persons with disabilities is assisted in getting disability certification.

In the Buniyaad Kendra Disabled person can apply by self / referral through doing self-registration at Buniyaad kendra .

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